The Songwriting workshop

Hugh has developed a unique program for primary school-aged children to introduce them to songwriting in order to build emotional resilience through creativity. Songs are written collaboratively and recorded with professional equipment to produce an album of songs with content revolving around friendship, sport, favourite foods, teachers, cars, pets and whoknowswhat. Everything from experiencing happiness to sadness and loneliness to being loved is expressed thus serving as positive outlet for the (usually) super keen participants.

Children learn a range of useful cross disciplinary skills, including singing, musical arrangement, literary skills, and a basic understanding of electronic sound recording and reproduction. Read on about Austune and then make contact to discuss your project.

Alongside the schools program, Hugh has written original music scores for productions at Poowong Consolidated School, and a similar styled project with Gennazzanno FC – a summary of each project can be viewed upon clicking the links.