a lifelong musician (in short)

Arguably one of the most popular songs released by Redgum was the The Diamantina Drover. It was written by Hugh and recorded by a variety of artists following its release in 1983 including country music heavy weight Lee Kernaghan and the legendary old ‘true blue’ John Williamson.

From the world music scene came a nod from Ireland’s own folk veteran Christy Moore who happened to borrow Enya’s vocals on his 1985 arrangement. The songs legacy lies within the heart of country music Australia and as such remains a staple in sets performed by The Vagabond Crew across Australia & beyond.

On the solo tip the ability to play a variety of instruments consistently well has allowed for popular Jazz standards, Irish Ballads and Australian Folk to make up an eclectic and timeless repertoire that consistently pleases any audience fortunate enough to bare witness to a performance. As for time spent writing and recording since the days of Redgum, several releases have come about and are readily available in both physical and digital formats.

The music page plays host to these unique and splendid recordings.