Hughie's Hideout

A home-based recording studio has been the catalyst for numerous acoustically styled productions since being built. The Davidson Brothers, The April Maze, and Kristina Olsen have successfully output works under the production supervision of Hugh, and with some 40 years experience in the industry, its no wonder. In terms of benefits one can expect a session at ‘Hughies Hideout’ to return a natural vocal on top of a quality instrumental laid out via clean/detailed mixes with Guitar/bass/mandolin/violin/vocal skills generously provided as required whilst working collaboratively on production arrangements. Contact Hugh about booking a session and checkout the specs below.

Computer Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Core desktop
Software Apple Logic Pro Professional recording suite, MOTU Digital Performer DAW (digital audio workstation), Waves Native Power Pack mixing/mastering plug-in suite
Recording 2 x MOTU digital audio recording racks (2408 & 1224), 1 x MOTU 8pre preamp interface for mic/instrument, 1 x TC Powercore digital signal processor (with plug-ins), Allen & Heath GL2 rackmount mixing console, Amek System 9098 dual mic amp (Rupert Neve)
Microphones Nuemann, Microtec Gefell, Octava, Shure and AKG 451
Amplifiers Fender Deluxe Reverb and Mesa Boogie Maverick
Monitors Quested set driven by a David Haffler amplifier
Instruments Martin acoustics, Fender/Gibson electrics + fretted, fretless bass guitars, 6 piece Zildjian kit, and a Yamaha C5 Concert Piano (not located in the studio)